Youville Centre Letter

Posted By Omar Carcelen

On July 9, 2015

Dear Rotarians,

It was a pleasure to have Diane Hutton in attendance at Youville Centre’s 2015 graduation that was held on Friday, June 19th. As always it was a memorable occasion and all the graduating students are very thankful for the donated bursaries and awards that allow them to continue on with their education and build a brighter future for themselves and their children. Enclosed s a picture of you two bursary recipients, Sarah and Danielle.

Thank you again for your kind support. the following quote from one of our 2015 graduates illustrates the impact this support is making with two generations:

“It took strength to come back to school. It took courage to ask for help when it was needed. It was hard leaving our children at the daycare on that first day away. It was scary opening up in that first offered counseling session. But the support and guidance, so graciously given to us by this wonderful community, has given us a light to follow and the stones to build our lives upon.”
~ Genevieve, Class of 2015.


Cindy Simpson
Executive Director

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