Ulyana Zanevych, Program Manager – DiverseCity onBoard

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Ulyana Zanevych, Program Manager at Volunteer Ottawa spoke  at the club about the DiverseCity onBoard project.

Canadian cities are among the most diverse regions of the world, with immigrants and visible minorities comprising an increasing share of their population. In Ontario alone there are more than 46,000 nonprofit and voluntary organizations. However, there is a disconnect between who sits on these boards and the increasing diversity of the population.

Given the constantly evolving immigrant population, cultural diversity has become and will continue to be a key feature of the City of Ottawa. Ottawa has welcomed over 12,000 immigrants in 2012 (Ottawa Municipal Immigration Strategy Report). The immigrant population in Ottawa is only expected to grow, with its growth rate twice the rate of the general population. We thus need to ensure diversity is reflected in the city’s decision-making bodies.

The DiverseCity onBoard program will provide services to:


Visible minorities and underrepresented immigrants interested in serving as directors on either a nonprofit or charitable board or on agency of the municipal, provincial or federal government.

Individuals interested in acquiring board governance training embedded in principles of diversity and inclusion.


Nonprofit, charitable organizations as well as public agencies, boards and commissions looking for qualified candidates from visible minority and underrepresented immigrant communities, and an interest in embedding principles of inclusion and diversity into their governance processes, policies and approaches.

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