Syrian Refugees – Rouba Al Fattal

Posted By Omar Carcelen

– March 2011, children that were tortured attracted attention worldwide

– 12,000,000 refugees are displaced – all having needs to be met

– this is the biggest crisis since WWII

– biggest issue is hunger – next is poverty, health, lack of education, lack of vaccination (polio is arising in these camps)

– global consequences : people are moving by land and by sea; mafias are taking advantage of the situation – providing false papers

– Who is helping? Canadian NGO’s on the ground – Red Cross, Oxfam, CARE, Doctors Without Borders, Shelterbox, World

Vision, churches, Civil society/charitable organizations; dentists; Food cupboards, Snowsuit Fund accepts clothes;

– Canadian Government- what has it done? it sponsors refugees (40% of them)

– it will cost $1.2 billion over the next 6 years to settle refugees; 1 in 5 start their own business;

– it takes $30,000 to sponsor a family of 4 for one year; one family is on its way and will live in Kanata;

– professional services are needed – psychologists, dentists,… preferably for little to no cost; need volunteers…. open a bank

account, take appointments, show the city, …involve the children

– employment is needed; language challenge is first; ESL is needed

– all funds given go to the two refugee families

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