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Bob Hillier:  Rotary Foundation and Paul Harris Fellowship Award
First, Bob recognized two former Rotarians who have exemplified the values of being a Rotarian – Peter Freeman and Peter McKennirey Paul Harris (1868- 1947) – While in Chicago where business opportunities were scarce, Paul decided that fellowship was needed.  He and a few other business men gathered in various venues….thus the name rotary.
he created the Foundation to promote fellowship and good deeds around the world.
Polio Plus was created to fight this devastating disease.  Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation matches donations towards this cause.
Focus of Foundation:
– promoting peace
– fighting disease
– providing clean water
– saving mothers and children
– supporting education
– growing local economies
Paul Harris Fellowship: 1957 – anyone contributing $1,000.00 to Foundation would be recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow
Peter Freeman – unsung hero, fundamental contributor and enabler of our bingo program managing the provincial records management, past Rotarian.  The club has received over half a million dollars of Bingo funds since its participation!  We get between $17-18,000.00 a year from bingo.
Peter McKennirey: Adventure in High Tech icebreaker speaker for many years
– created the $50K challenge resulting in Winthrop Court gazebo
– past president and active bingo supporter
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