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Citizen Advocacy Organization is all over the world. They work with people of all ages with desire to reconnect people who have become isolated because of their disability. They have numerous programs; every day champions program matches a person with a disability with a volunteer or friend. This increases self-esteem, confidence to try new things. making a difference in their life.

There is an age related disability program ; vision problems is one disability; the volunteer matched up with the person will help with various activities such as reading, go to a church or synagogue, grocery shopping, help with finances or leases on apartments, help to get to interest classes such as an art class

Independent Facilitation and person Directed Planning: The facilitator helps direct the need of the person, helps to plan to achieve what the person wants to do or be in the future

Fetal Alcohol Resource Program: tremendous need in helping navigate the various agencies who treat those with AFSD. often is mistaken for autism

Walking in my Shoes: is a monthly meeting of those families dealing with a special needs child families need to talk about their challenges in dealing with such a child parents talk, listen, vent making this resource a safe haven for those parents there is a siblings group as well to help them deal with the pressures of having a sibling who has a disability they meet once a month to again talk, listen and vent

How are they funded? Provincial agencies, Trillium Foundation, United Way, self generated.

Questions: Are the matches usually male to male or otherwise? Usually they match male to male or female to female.

What can Rotarians do? Volunteers are needed which is a year*s worth of commitment.

Fundraising events need participants!



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