You’ll make valuable connections with community leaders who care about the issues facing our hometown and hometowns around the world. And you’ll have the chance to apply your personal experience and professional skills to solve these challenges and create positive change.

“My favorite thing about Rotary is that it’s an efficient use of my time. All at once, I’m creating new friendships, making new business contacts, learning how my community works, and participating in the world.”

As a member, you’ll find opportunities to network and develop your professional skills. You can take the lead in developing projects, organizing events, and running your club. Through these activities, you’ll hone your project planning skills, improve your public speaking, and even learn new skills, like public relations, social media, and fundraising.

You’ll spend time with friends and make new ones every week! Make it a family affair. Members are encouraged to invite their spouse or partner, children, and parents to help with service projects and attend club events. Rotary offers opportunities for all ages, from service clubs for youth and young adults (Interact and Rotaract) to exchanges that give young and old alike the chance to explore new cultures.

Prospective Members Must:
* Hold (or be retired from) a professional, proprietary, executive, managerial, or community position.
* Have demonstrated a commitment to service through personal involvement.
* Be able to meet the club’s weekly attendance or community project participation requirements.
* Live or work within the vicinity of the club or surrounding area.

What Are the Responsibilities of Membership?
* Members are expected to attend weekly club meetings.
* Members must pay semi-annual fees of CAD 110.00 and they’re expected to participate in local or international Rotary club activities or projects. Weekly meeting fee is CAD 2.00 (without meal) or CAD 21.00 (with meal).
* Clubs encourage members to aspire to club leadership or committee roles.

What Are the Attendance Requirements?
* An attendance record of 50 percent is required to remain an active Rotarian.
* Any missed meeting must be made up within 14 days before or after the regular meeting.
* To accommodate busy schedules, there are various opportunities to make up missed meetings.

How to become a member?
* Attend two meetings as a guest.
* Be proposed by a member (sponsor).
* Be briefed by the sponsor and/or the membership committee on the requirements and advantages of joining the club.

Please contact us if you want to become a member of our club!