Guest Speaker – Al Spriggs, Model Railroading

Posted By David Pyett

Al got into model trains 25 years ago as a result of work related mental health issues. His doctors said he needed to find a hobby to shift the focus of his mind. He and his wife noticed a train in a shop window and Al commented on it. Christmas that year, the train was under the tree. In order to afford his hobby, Al became a used train dealer buying and selling layouts and keeping the pieces he wanted for his layout. He currently has 325 locomotives in his collection.

Al Briggs

There are approximately 6 gauges of trains: G gauge is the largest which is normally used either as outdoor trains in landscaping or as decoration under the Christmas Tree; O gauge which is what you see when you think of Lionel Trains: HO gauge which is half the size of O gauge and is a good starter gauge or for older hobbyists with limited dexterity; N gauge which is half the size of HO which is great for hobbyists with limited space; and the smallest Z and T gauges which are designed for miniature setups.

Al was very knowledgeable and entertaining.

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