Dave Desjardins

Posted By Omar Carcelen

Dave Desjardins – retired master corporal

  • volunteer with Historica, a project to promote Canada’s military history – on the world stage – has done 2 tours of duty in Yugoslavia …defensive platoon operations in 1998; 2001…second tour of duty there.
  • Worked in Afghanistan – some as an artillary personnel, some as a military police.
  • Taliban was a government formed by Mulah Homar to force peace back in the country. They ruled brutally. Al Quaeda was formed by Osama Bin Labin who ruled with an iron fist as well.
  • 2001 – U.S. began military operations in that country to try and get peace in a much distressed country. Trust was most difficult to find in anybody, from young children to women dressed in burkas.
  • Dave feels that the military offered security but as soon as one left a territory, the Taliban invaded the territory again…destroying schools and ruling with fear tactics

Dave was diagnosed with PTSD – when away, it was difficult for him to have any social norm as one understands when at home. Now, he seems to have found a balance and is off medication. Smells, sounds, …often trigger past experiences. There has been a big change with services being offered to soldiers needing help after their tour of duties…more than seeing a psychologist and filled with drugs. Now, there are peer groups to talk things out instead of bottling it all up. There ‘s a gradual reintroduction into society once home.

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