Rotarians and your host family are responsible for your safety while on this
Adventure program. All rules and expectations that apply to your host family members will also apply to you. Host families set the house rules such as curfew,  meal times, departure times, etc. Be respectful of your host family and their boundaries.
Expect your host family to inform you of their house rules, routines and
schedules at the beginning of your stay. You are expected to observe and
respect them. Be self-sufficient and helpful as much as possible while with host families. For example:

  • Get yourself up every morning, allowing sufficient time for personal hygiene, eating breakfast and getting ready for morning departure time.
  • Make your bed every morning and keep your sleeping area tidy.
  • Seek permission to use telephone, computer and / or internet. Be reasonable with computer and internet usage (15 minutes maximum).
  • Respect all time commitments.

While on the program, you are not permitted to smoke or purchase cigarettes, drink or purchase alcohol, or drive any kind of motorized vehicle at any time.
You are expected to participate in all Adventure activities. This Adventure
program begins Sunday evening with an orientation and closes Thursday mid- afternoon. Program activities will occupy the full day and into the evening. Your host family will expect to pick you up at the end of each day’s schedule. Do not plan any additional activities during this program.
Adventure Guides will set appropriate time lines and departure times for each Adventure activity. While on the bus, deposit all litter / garbage in the garbage bag provided.
Please show your appreciation to your host family with a thank you letter after your return home.
Please show your appreciation to your sponsoring Rotary Club by visiting one of their meetings and sharing your experience with them. This will demonstrate the value of the program and encourage your club to sponsor future students.