Norman Bowley

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Norman Bowley, lawyer for 35 years, was a teacher prior to that

Communication Matters is Norm’s next career path

  • How does effective communication work?
  • 3 key components -sending, reception and the understanding
  • 3 planes of communication – the intellectual , the social, the emotional

Where do these come from?

From our 3 brains! – reptilian brain = the control panel of the body. – mammal brain or paleomammalian brain= Memories, feelings

– the Neocortex – upper complex brain deals with music, higher thinking

3 Essential questions: what do I need to say? What does my listener needs to hear? Why do I want to say it? Why does the listener need to hear it?
How do I deliver it?

3 Key audiences: The near and dear …friends – expressions are priceless for communicating

the enterprises…Coca Cola…
the professionals… Lawyers, doctors…

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