John Curry & Sandy Durocher (Robert Grant History)

Posted By Omar Carcelen

John Curry is a historian who has traced the Grant family of Goulbourn to its roots. Robert Grant senior (1793-1870) was a prominent farmer owning 240 acres of land which is now part of the Fairwinds subdivision and part of Toys ‘R Us-Food Basics shipping area at the corner of Hazeldean Rd and Huntmar Dr.  arrived in Canada in 1814 from Ireland acquired a substantial amount of land in the Carleton County involved in lumber business with a sawmill (Poole Creek) potash trade as well as had a general store prominent in the community – represented Goulbourn township on Council (1842) , captain in militia, warden for the Anglican Church at Hazeldean had 6 children by his second wife, 30 years his junior! died in his house fire as he reentered the house to retrieve important documents. – famous Carleton Country Fire of 1870 which began in Pakenham and spread down to Dow’s Lake!!!
His 2 elder sons took up farming, one returning to live in the homestead after being rebuilt in 1880, the other living in a nearby house.  In 1965, the Grant home and farm passed on to a John S. Hall who stayed until 1988.  By 1992, empty and prone to vandalism, the old house was demolished to make way for ‘modern’ shopping mall and bigger roadway.
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