Adventure in High Technology
Background and Overview
Over the past several decades, 1500 high technology companies have either located or began in the Ottawa region earning this city the moniker of  Silicon Valley North’. These organizations range from entrepreneurial ‘start-ups’ involved in leading edge research and innovation to global telecommunication giants such as Shopify, Alcatel, Ciena and Blackberry. To tap this resource as a learning opportunity for youth, the Rotary Club of Nepean-Kanata initiated the Adventure in High Technology program in 1984 for high school youth in Districts 7010, 7070 and 7040.

Adventure in High Technology is an annual program offered to senior high school students who have an interest in exploring a potential career in the exciting world of High Technology. As a result, the program assists participants in making more informed career decisions.

The program involves many local, prominent businesses and industries who have agreed to guide the students with ‘hands on’ learning opportunities, not only in the world of computers, but also in other disciplines using Hi-Tech applications to push the envelope in their respective fields.

Participating organizations include educational institutions, economic development organizations, life sciences organizations and small to medium sized ‘start-ups’.

Program Description
The program is usually five (5) days in duration and takes place in October of each year. Participating Rotary clubs sponsor senior high school students from their local high schools who have an interest in pursuing careers in high technology. In addition, sponsoring clubs arrange for their transportation to Ottawa. This year the program is three (3) days in duration and will be delivered virtually through Zoom.
Attached is a Registration form that can be completed and mailed, with the cheque, to Rotarian Bob Hillier at the address indicated on the registration form. Alternatively, an e-transfer can be made and registration submitted via email.

We already have a number of exciting presenters lined up from technology organizations across Canada and the United States. Technology organizations this year include:

  • Quantropi
  • CAVCOE – Autonomous vehicles
  • EA Sports game design
  • Telesat
  • Google
  • Flexe
  • Algonquin College
  • University of Ottawa
  • Think RF (AI solutions)
  • Other to be confirmed

Our keynote speaker is Cliff Ellement, AI Solutions at ThinkRF.

The program fee this year is $100 per student for a 2 to 2 ½ day program. This fee covers the pre-program participant materials we will send to each student. This year we are using e-transfer to simply registration payment. Please e-transfer to on <> and indicate your club name and AIHT registration. A club application form is attached.

Please forward the Club Application as soon possible to reserve a student seat. The deadline for clubs to reserve a spot is Oct 9. The deadline for students to provide their registration information is Oct 14 (so we can mail them their participant materials). The student registration form can be forwarded by you later in September or early October when the student is identified.

Thank you in advance and feel free to ask me any questions.

Adventure in High Technology 2020

Club Registration 2020

Student Registration 2020